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Touring Arches

coloradoWe were both beat from the long drive the day before, so we weren’t out at the crack of dawn.  It didn’t really matter, because we wanted to get a better campsite, and no one leaves a campsite straight away in the morning.  There is always cleaning and organizing before you cast off.  We had run out water, so it was nothing fancy for breakfast.  Continue reading

Ely NV to Arches NP

Great_basinIt was a long day, but not longer than yesterday.  Eighty mile mistakes are no fun.  Today we employed both GPS’s and had written notes besides.  The View has a huge windshield with a significant shaded section at the top .  I’ve found myself asking Louise at critical junctures “Which way do we go?” when one GPS says drive through the economically depressed section of town, and the other thinks that we should continue on into the sunset with the butterflies. Continue reading

Off to the Grand Canyon from Zion

We eventually arose this morning.  It was hot the last several days and we dip plenty of hiking in the heat.  We had fun.  Yesterday was definitely an improvement over the day before in Zion.  Fewer people made for a much better experience.  Breakfast was good.  I opted for cereal while Bob & Louise had the waffles.  I ate a blueberry thing and part of an English muffin.  Something in one or two of the latter gave me an allergic reaction.  All was OK, but the rest of the morning I was really dry.  Was it the absolute lack of humidity or the baked good? We will never know. Continue reading

Hiking Zion in 105 Degree Heat

canyonWell everyone had intentions of getting an early start, to start the day, but it was hot the day before and we were in lazy dazy mode, so I’m not sure what happened, but our day started at 8:30 AM.  We’re staying a the La Quinta in Springdale, Utah, which is a very pleasant change of pace.  The hotel supplies breakfast, which was a standard but good, Belgian waffles, coffee, OJ, and a Mc Donald’s knock off egg ham and cheese on an English Muffin were the menu.  We ate our fill and took off for Zion. Continue reading

Drive to Provo

roadToday was a long day.  We’ve been through some empty places, but the empty places we saw today, after being in the beauty of the Tetons, was too much of a contrast.  On the plus side, the weather at the start of the trip was a little overcast, so driving wasn’t so blinding. Continue reading