Monthly Archives: October 2013

Big Bend State Park West Virginia

Well, the crew at MMG Auto, the Mercedes dealer, was terrific.  The mechanic, who’s name I unfortunately can’t remember,  did a great job of diagnosing the problem, a cracked hose coming off the turbo, and had everything fixed, including the replacement of two filters for just over $200.  Jason Resendez, the service manager, smiled when I asked him if that was the entire bill.  Stupendous service.  I told him that I wished I live in Mansfield Ohio and would have to figure out how much it would cost to go to Ohio to have him work on the RV. Continue reading

Charles Mill Lake Park and Repairs

This morning we’re waiting at the local Mercedes dealership in Mansfield Ohio, the Mansfield Motor Group, awaiting a diagnosis and repair of our 2008 Winnebago View.  We were up at 6:30, had breakfast, put everything together for getting on the road and went to the dump station so we’d travel light.  It was freezing last night.  There was frost everywhere and the connector to the discharge end of the dump hose apparently wasn’t on tight enough.  Oops, a shitty start to the morning.  Cleaned everything up, and were off to the repair shop.  We made it there on time, talked to the service manager, Jason Resendez, who said he would do his best.  Our repair appointment is at 3PM, and we’re hoping to get in earlier. Continue reading