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Long Pine Key Campground – Day at Camp

workingAfter getting in late last night, around midnight, we, slept in. We got up around 9 o’clock had breakfast and we took a walk up to say goodbye to Harold and Martha they had already left. We came back to the campsite, and I figured today was as good a time as any to look at the battery solar maintenance panel that came with the RV that had been initially set up to keep a charge in the house batteries. I moved the panel to allow for the installation of the two renogy solar panels we currently have on the roof, figuring that the more energy going into the he batteries the better off I would be.

I was able to start the RV twice early in January but wasn’t able to run it for long period of time, so by the time he came for us to leave the trip on January 9, the truck wouldn’t start. I thought that moving the maintenance panel from the house batteries to the chassis battery might be a good idea. The view has the ability to flip a switch and have the house batteries start the RV. Continue reading

Monroe Station Loop Road, Florida

morningWell, we’ve been on the road for about two and half weeks, and this the first time I’ve taken the time, to sit down and write something, mostly because we’ve had so much stinking fun. I figure the best place to start with is today, which turned out to be a really neat touring day. Today’s the day the blizzard of 2015 was supposed to cripple the New York Metropolitan area, but in typical meteorological outcomes, New Jersey got possibly 6 to 8 inches of snow, while all my relatives on the East End of Long Island were last count buried under 28 inches of snow, and as of this time, it’s still snowing. This puts me in the untenable position of writing about what a great time I had in southern Florida, under clear blue skies, 70° weather, wearing a short sleeve shirt and jaunting about in a pair of shorts. Continue reading

To the Everglades

We woke up early, for us, to a beautiful clear blue sky, a moderate breeze, and a temperature of about 56° outside. There were several generators running, so I didn’t feel any guilt in running hours to make coffee and toast. We had a nice breakfast of cheese omelettes toast and coffee, and took very little time after breakfast the cleanup and get organized. By a quarter after 10 were tooling down the highway, East towards Miami, with the intent to dumping our tanks at the Midway Campground. I attempted to make reservations at Midway while we were at Collier Seminole, but I wasn’t quick enough on the trigger and reservations were unavailable when we looked again. Continue reading