Monthly Archives: February 2019

Looking for Spring

Travel in March can be a parade through the seasons if you go in the right direction, and you are lucky. Departing New Jersey was done in winter and now that I’m heading toward Alabama, Spring is starting to creep around the corner. Back in 2014, when Louise and I headed west for our most excellent adventure, it was May, and Spring had been late in showing up. I promised her that I would show her Spring and find her fields of Spring flowers, just like the ones we had seen in the past. 2014 was a tough year all over. I never did find Spring for her, no matter the altitude, latitude or longitude. We were either in pre-Spring or full blown Summer. When Spring shows up late, and God arranges for only four or five hot days in a row, Spring disappears and Summer is on stage. Continue reading

Life, Third Half

A Chinese Proverb says the longest journey starts with the first step. I’m off to the Houston Rodeo, not because I’m a rodeo aficionado, but because I’ve got the best friends on the planet. Jack Rigby had a number of opinions. One, that the rodeo was fun, two, I was in need of some fun, three, I like to travel in the RV, four, I should get back to traveling in the RV, and five, a change of scenery and focus was the best thing for me. I think Jack is correct, my family thought Jack was correct, so off I went to the Rodeo. You want success in your life? Pay attention to your friends. Continue reading