Here are some cool links that may help you.  I know that they’ll help me when I start thinking “Now where did I see that information?”

Other Interesting RV Sites

Stan Fleming (haven’t met him yet) has a nice blog regarding a Navion H, sister unit to ours.  Some very helpful information there.


Renogy Solar Panels.  we’ve met a number of people who have extolled these panels.  we haven’t mounted them yet, but the information is available at

Blue Sky Energy – Charge controllers for getting all that electricity from your solar panels to your battery without wasting any.

Camping World –  an excellent resource.  The prices are good and provide a start for shopping around

Eurocampers – we found nice excellent floor mats for the View here and the price seemed really nice

AB Lifestyles.  We purchased RV Linens from them.  The people are fantastic over the phone and the sheets are US made in South Carolina, and far cheaper than anywhere else

Reines RV


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