Monthly Archives: March 2014

Orlando on the Way Back Home

We attempted to start out early, but like any other beautiful place, it was difficult to leave.  The Bill Frederick Park is a treat, affordable, beautiful, and has lots to offer.  It was a quick breakfast, but after showers, preparing the coach for travelling, packing and washing the stuff we left outside after our going away from Florida Party the night before it was almost 10AM before we were on the road. Continue reading

The Mouse’s House

Before I retired my buddy Frank and I would spend lunches and breaks, few as they were, dreaming of life after teaching. Frank was, and still is, a nut for Disney World in Florida, so he would talk about the fun we would have when we got to Disney.  We both never grew up, we just got older, and in time, both retired.   This was our first winter in Florida.  Frank spends as much time as he can in a place over 70 degrees during the winter, so Mickey and he are on a first make basis.  Mickey, Goofy, Frank, Mickey. Everyone is happy.  So when Frank found out that we were spending the month in Florida, he was in orbit someplace outside of Jupiter. Continue reading