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Watkins Glen

Rainbow Bridge with Josh waiting for his bride

Rainbow Bridge with Josh waiting for his bride

We left for Watkins Glen, located in central New York State in the finger lake district of NY late on Friday evening. It was the first road trip with the new shocks and boy, what a difference!  The ride was really smooth.  There was no hobby horsing or swaying.  It was like driving a Mercedes. Continue reading

Not so Bright LED Lights

The RV came with a pair of house batteries that were only about 2 years old, but apparently have had a difficult life. In our first outing, I ran them dead twice in an attempt to keep the heat going in the cabin.  I haven’t figured how the electrical and charging systems work in the RV yet, so I’m putting off getting new batteries and working on conserving power. Continue reading

Better Ride

If you read online usergroups forums, you will see that the participants fall into several groups.  There is the “I was an engineer and told my minions how it will work”, the “which end of the hammer do you hit the nail with”, the “I’ve only had it for ten years and it wore out, why?”, and the “Joe Expert, but I really have no idea what I’m talking about” posters. Occasionally, there is the person who after thought, care, and experimentation, posts really worthwhile information. Continue reading

Prince William Forest Park

Pete, Betsy and Annabelle moved this weekend into a smaller house in the Triangle, VA area.  Trying to be a smart dad, I made reservations in the Prince William Forest Park (Map) that we wouldn’t get in the way.  We had a terrific time with them, and the park was a great place to visit.  I’m looking forward to getting there again so that we can do more exploring. Continue reading