I’ve wanted to travel on the road, taking all I needed with me, since I was sitting in Mrs. Bowler’s Class in third grade. I’m sure that Mrs. Bowler didn’t appreciate me sketching and dreaming while I was supposed to be paying attention to her, but we didn’t have the best relationship in the world at the start of the term, and well, we won’t talk how things turned out in the end.

I did learn several important things in third grade. One, don’t piss off those in authority. Two, never let go of a dream. Third, if you work hard enough, you can make things you thought impossible, possible. Four, never figure that you’ve got more time to get something done. The end of third grade raced to a close like a freight train. Now, in my sixties, I realize that the end of other things is racing to a close like a freight train, except we don’t know the engineer’s schedule.

When I graduated from college, my roommate, Eric Horn, and I bought a 1969 Dodge van, outfitted, with the help of my father, into a camper and began a four month long adventure across the United States and back, that has sustained and invigorated me since. It was a life changing experience, and my family has reaped the benefits.

Louise and I worked hard, did without, and tried to do our best for our family.  The girls are now grown and living their lives. This narrative is about a journey started forty years later.  I have no idea where the journey will bring us, but the adventure is in the living. Welcome, and we hope you enjoy our adventures.

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  1. kenmcelroy

    Looking forward to following along. The best friends are the ones you may not see regularly but when you do it’s like you saw them yesterday!
    May the road always be smooth and when it’s not may the bumps flatten only your tires and not your spirit! God speed to you both!

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