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North Rim of the Grand Canon, Cape Royal

I woke up tired this morning, which is never a good thing.  I’m not sure if it was the five mile hike at altitude, or the altitude, or staying up late with excellent companions, or being too cold and not being smart enough to realize it during the night, or all of the preceding, but I was tired.  The hot showers were excellent but I didn’t wake up like I anticipated.  I was really glad that we had filled up with water yesterday afternoon. Continue reading

Off to the Grand Canyon from Zion

We eventually arose this morning.  It was hot the last several days and we dip plenty of hiking in the heat.  We had fun.  Yesterday was definitely an improvement over the day before in Zion.  Fewer people made for a much better experience.  Breakfast was good.  I opted for cereal while Bob & Louise had the waffles.  I ate a blueberry thing and part of an English muffin.  Something in one or two of the latter gave me an allergic reaction.  All was OK, but the rest of the morning I was really dry.  Was it the absolute lack of humidity or the baked good? We will never know. Continue reading