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Fourth of July

Today, July 4, 2024, is the Fiftieth Anniversary of my first Fourth of July with the Florham Park Police Department.

I had the choice to be in Florham Park and do something memorable for the Fiftieth Anniversary, but I’ve moved on in the last twenty four years and decided to go to Oklahoma and have a quiet day, removed from the past.

Things were different back then. Honestly, if you asked me where the time went, I would be hard pressed to tell. Many wonderful things have happened in that interval. I certainly am not the person I was then, but it seems like a flash of lightning and here we are, fifty years later. My first day on the department was July 1, a Monday. I don’t recall having a uniform issued to me that day, but I do recall Lt Frank Einloth attempting to educate Bob Hauptman, Bernie Wysocki and me on what it was to be a Florham Park Policeman. Continue reading