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Mammoth Cave, then on to Ohio

Last night was a beast.  We went to sleep at about 9:30 CST which made it late for us at 10:30 EST.  The air-conditioning in the RV made it tolerable and I, always the optimist, figured that as the outside temperature dropped, and the inside temperature rose, we would have the lower humidity on our side.  Put another check in the wrong column.  At midnight it was 82 in the RV with not a breath of air.  I opened all the windows and vents and the temperature dropped to 81 and the humidity went up.  We switched from the upper bunk to the lower where I looked like a 12” long wurst in an 8” roll.  I drank water so I could sweat better and we laid there and roasted all night long. We would have moved outside where we had a better option for catching a breeze but I didn’t; want to set up a free buffet for the bugs, so we laid there and cooked. Continue reading

Great Smokies to Mammoth Cave

Since we had gotten in from Clingman’s dome very late the night before, we found a View next to us in the morning. We awoke to discover Robbie and her husband Cory from southern Mississippi  parked next to us in the morning. It was a 2008 View H, identical to ours, except cleaner and with some tricked out windows and accessories.  They are exceedingly nice people.  We talked for a while about the pluses of owning a View.  They bought theirs new, and Cory built a storage shelter for it by their house with full hookups.  The condition of the View’s roof looks as if new, so it was a good decision on his part to build the structure.  They have a married daughter and a son who attends Florida State University. The outside colors of the View is happily the same colors as FSU. Continue reading