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Looking for Spring

Travel in March can be a parade through the seasons if you go in the right direction, and you are lucky. Departing New Jersey was done in winter and now that I’m heading toward Alabama, Spring is starting to creep around the corner. Back in 2014, when Louise and I headed west for our most excellent adventure, it was May, and Spring had been late in showing up. I promised her that I would show her Spring and find her fields of Spring flowers, just like the ones we had seen in the past. 2014 was a tough year all over. I never did find Spring for her, no matter the altitude, latitude or longitude. We were either in pre-Spring or full blown Summer. When Spring shows up late, and God arranges for only four or five hot days in a row, Spring disappears and Summer is on stage. Continue reading

Great Smokies to Mammoth Cave

Since we had gotten in from Clingman’s dome very late the night before, we found a View next to us in the morning. We awoke to discover Robbie and her husband Cory from southern Mississippi  parked next to us in the morning. It was a 2008 View H, identical to ours, except cleaner and with some tricked out windows and accessories.  They are exceedingly nice people.  We talked for a while about the pluses of owning a View.  They bought theirs new, and Cory built a storage shelter for it by their house with full hookups.  The condition of the View’s roof looks as if new, so it was a good decision on his part to build the structure.  They have a married daughter and a son who attends Florida State University. The outside colors of the View is happily the same colors as FSU. Continue reading

Cades Cove

As I write this I’m sitting at a turnout just east of Clingman’s Dome waiting for the sun to set.  We decided to finish both our day and stay in the Great Smoky Mountains at Clingman’s dome partially because we were shut out the last time we attempted to make plans without consulting with Mother Nature.  After fueling up in Pigeon Forge earlier in the afternoon, we headed back to the park and headed straight for Clingman’s dome. Continue reading