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Off to Charlestown

Buck Hall Campground

Buck Hall Campground

Today was a long day.  We had a great time in Virginia with the grandkids and their parents.  We returned a rental car early in the day and were on an un-crowded road by 8:30 AM.  Traffic heading south was light, and we were on cruise control for the better part of the 550 mile trip.  The Federal Government has made all the interstates look like any other place you might travel, so much of the regional differences that were in existence 40 years ago are gone. Continue reading

Off to Florida

The start of the day was inauspicious. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and on the way back to the RV, I noticed the power cord dangling from the rear.  The 15 amp adapter wasn’t attached as it should have been, or not, depending upon your viewpoint.  In my excitement to get away from the cold and into the bosom of Florida heat, I neglected to unplug the rig from the house and just drove away.  Violation of one of my rules (check the RV before proceeding) at the very start of the trip didn’t bode well.  We turned around and headed back home to locate the missing adapter when we were met by a really nice guy, beeping and waving.  We stopped and he handed us the adapter with a “Here you lost this”, and like the Lone Ranger, was off. Continue reading

Prince William Forest Park

Pete, Betsy and Annabelle moved this weekend into a smaller house in the Triangle, VA area.  Trying to be a smart dad, I made reservations in the Prince William Forest Park (Map) that we wouldn’t get in the way.  We had a terrific time with them, and the park was a great place to visit.  I’m looking forward to getting there again so that we can do more exploring. Continue reading