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Charleston, Day Two

We stopped at the campground store as it was shutting down the previous night, and were told that if we showed up at 10 minutes to nine, we could get a ride to town and back for ten dollars a head.  We arose early, had breakfast and were on schedule, until the last minute, when we realized that it was 10 to nine.  We were only a short sprint to the camp store, so we sprinted and got there at eight minutes to nine. The bus had left.  Embarrassment.  They apologized and we apologized, the bus came back and we met a very nice driver and a couple from Brisbane, Australia who had lived in the Washington DC area for years.  He was an architect for an international firm, travelled frequently, had a large motor home while he was working and used it to travel extensively.  After retirement, they returned to Brisbane, and come back the US to tour and visit friends.  The traded in the large RV for a smaller class C they leave at a friend’s house, and spend several months touring the US, staying in the Charleston area, and then visiting their daughter in the Washington DC area.  The driver dropped us near King and Market Streets, and we walked to the meeting point for our walking tour, ‘Charleston Strolls’. Continue reading

Off to Charlestown

Buck Hall Campground

Buck Hall Campground

Today was a long day.  We had a great time in Virginia with the grandkids and their parents.  We returned a rental car early in the day and were on an un-crowded road by 8:30 AM.  Traffic heading south was light, and we were on cruise control for the better part of the 550 mile trip.  The Federal Government has made all the interstates look like any other place you might travel, so much of the regional differences that were in existence 40 years ago are gone. Continue reading