Off to Florida

The start of the day was inauspicious. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and on the way back to the RV, I noticed the power cord dangling from the rear.  The 15 amp adapter wasn’t attached as it should have been, or not, depending upon your viewpoint.  In my excitement to get away from the cold and into the bosom of Florida heat, I neglected to unplug the rig from the house and just drove away.  Violation of one of my rules (check the RV before proceeding) at the very start of the trip didn’t bode well.  We turned around and headed back home to locate the missing adapter when we were met by a really nice guy, beeping and waving.  We stopped and he handed us the adapter with a “Here you lost this”, and like the Lone Ranger, was off.

So we set things straight back at the house, fixed the with the window we left ajar and the collected the cord draped through the yard, and were off again.  A short stop for some NJ breakfast sandwiches, a pit stop to top off fuel, and we were only an hour late.

I’m not sure if it was because it was Super Bowl Sunday, relatively early on a Sunday morning, or the start of February, but there was very little traffic for the entire trip. When we  hit the Washington DC area, there was no traffic.  We registered at the Prince William Forest Park RV Park.  Our favorite site wasn’t available, as there were winter water problems, so we were assigned a site near the pool and shower house. It’s still is a little cool for a dip, besides the pool was still frozen.

We took off to spend the rest of the afternoon to spend time with the family.  I was treated to an excellent dinner of roast pork and sauerkraut, with a birthday cake and songs to follow. A little dancing with the grand-daughter, streaming the not so Super Bowl, and then back to the campsite where we spent a warm, cozy night.