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The Owens Valley and Insight

I’m in the Owens Valley. Famous or infamous by Manzanar, the WWII Japanese Internment Camp, or the greet Los Angeles water robbery that created caustic conditions in the valley and effectively eliminated agriculture. I’ve been to the Valley three or four times, and I wanted to figure out why I keep on coming back. The place is beautiful, but … Continue reading


I sat by the fire tonight, reflecting. I’ve always looked at a fire as the release of the summer’s sun, contained in the wood from all those years go. I’ve sat by many fires over most of my life. I spent my summers on the East End of Long Island, on a piece of property my grandfather purchased about 1947. My Father’s best man, Bob Hartwell bought a piece of property on the North Shore of the Lower Fork of the East End, in a place called Noyac. He built a house carved out of the oak forest mantling the hills of the South Fork. He cleared the land, and as a result, he and his children, my unofficial cousins, became masters of woodcraft. Camp fires were a common occurrence, both out of necessity and pleasure. Continue reading

Camp Day at the Salton Sea

I’ve developed a bad habit of making a schedule and rushing to keep on schedule. This January, for the trip I’m on, I drove from NJ to Arizona, a distance if just over 2,800 miles in four and a half days. Last Fall, I drove from NJ to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, just over 1,000 miles, in about two days. I knew I was developing bad habits in thin thinking I could get quickly from one place to another. I also knew that with all the traveling I did last year, the best times were those where I fooled around with the RV and did close to nothing for a while. Continue reading

Twenty Nine Palms Parks

We woke up later than anticipated, which was fine, but immediately after turning off the alarm on the phone it went off again. I thought there was a problem with the phone until I looked at it and discovered it was my buddy Frank, from New Jersey, giving me a call. Frank forgot I was three hours earlier than he, and although it was 11:45 AM his time, it was only 7:45 AM my time. I was up already, so we had a great chat and while I was able to let him know that it was 60° and beautifully sunny in Twenty Nine Palms, he told me it was snowing back in New Jersey. Things like that always make a trip away from home so much better. Frank’s a great sport, and he laughed like heck. Continue reading

A Jaunt to Las Vegas

At some point in time, I had to decide whether “Kelly on the Road” is about our travels in an RV or about our travels in general. Whether go there by road, or by air, is immaterial, so we have expanded our horizons. We have been on the road, and the name of the blog is “Kelly on the Road”, so this trip counts. Most of my friends will tell you that I have never really been limited by technicalities, so why start now?

The one clear spot we saw.

The one clear spot we saw.

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