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Flamingo to Homestead & Back

We started the day slowly and straightened up and organized things before we left the site, after we packed everything up; didn’t know if we would be back, we needed fuel, propane, and water.  The gauges for the levels seem to be incorrect.  We had a full load of water before coming out to Flamingo and the grey water and black water tanks were registering a flicker over empty by the time the water was indicating gone.  Later in the day, after we filled up to the point that the tank was overflowing, the gauge reads 2/3 full. Perplexing. Continue reading

Everglades, Sightseeing at Flamingo

We slept, but it was really, hot. The fan we bought at the truck stop after the trip to West Virginia is loud, and Louise thought that it was the neighbor’s VERY loud generator going all night.  Fortunately, she is a kind and gentle soul and did not storm over to the next site and demand, unlike her not so shy husband, that the offending source of noise be quieted.  It was 81 when we got up, and just got hotter as the day progressed.  We had breakfast outdoors, cleaned up very little, and took off walking. Continue reading