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Fort Frederick, by Surprise

I was excited to leave for our first real extended trip in the RV.  I’d moved the RV from storage on Friday, and added the items I’d been thinking about since the last trip.  A device to let me know how many MPG, how much fuel left, temperature of the engine wasn’t ordered in time, so it’s do without.

Stopped by and visited briefly with family before leaving, and it was off.  The traffic was fine, and it wasn’t until we got well into Pennsylvania that the traffic on Route 78 became nasty.  The only change since we were out last was the RV downloaded more frequently as we were loaded as we haven’t been before. Some time around Camp Forty Fort we could see rain clouds.  Shortly thereafter we ran into rain and it really started to blow. I was really glad that I changed out the shocks.  The RV drove like a dream. Continue reading