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Lehman Cave in Great Basin NP

I decided sometime during the drive down to Provo that I knew that I had to get into a less driven mode.  Yesterday, I needed to get to Provo because there was a good campground with water, electricity and nearby stores and it positioned me for a short relaxing drive to the Great Basin National Park, where we had never been before.  They do close a gate on the Utah Lake Campground, sometime in the evening. I wasn’t completely concerned about finding a place to stay that night, as I had checked online and there were spots for the evening, but we have been without a place to stay before, and it didn’t turn out well.  As a result there was more of an imperative nature to the ride from Jackson Hole to Provo.  I didn’t like it.  I knew the rest of the drives to places on our list after Great Basin were short, and there will be the opportunity to let serendipity rule the hours on the rest of our travels, but there was a push in that drive to Provo. I’m going to work on a what will be will be attitude, which will be difficult for me. Continue reading