Stationary Camping

We’ve been in Virginia celebrating the arrival of our first grandson.  Not wanting to upset the balance of family life, we made arrangements for a car to be available and have been staying at the same site for over two weeks at this point.  I’ve never done this before, and It’s been quite an adjustment. We’ve had the same neighbor this whole time, and we look forward to seeing him periodically.  We have water and electricity at the site, and have been careful of our usage of water, so we’ve only been to the dump station once, mostly then because we had the time and I wanted to take care of it.

The rig is not as tidy as it normally is, because there is none of the ‘everything has a place and it must be stowed” before we travel for the day.  It’s too small a space for two adults to be actually messy, but we have been able to let the dishes dry on their own before they are put away.  The coffee pot can remain on the back of the counter until the following morning.  Amazing!

There has been none of the break down, stow, check, drive, visit, drive, set up, get everything running that we do when we’re dry camping, or moving from place to place regularly.  This means that there is an opportunity to read a little more, and actually, GASP! watch some television.  This using a park as a place to relax and do not much of anything is pretty cool.  I know that we’re going to move more of it into our travel plans in the future.

One thought on “Stationary Camping

  1. Nancy S.

    Hi Bob,
    Very cool website and you guys look like you are having a wonderful time! Stop in to see us soon. I would love to see the camper! Working part time now – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- so please stop in on one of those days.
    Regards to Louise


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