Cavendish and Nice Weather

I’ve decided. I prefer the lupine that is the color of good raspberry sherbet best. It’s not the most frequent of colors, but with the support of all the others, it stands out as extraordinary. There is a life lesson there. Think on that.

Something happened this morning. I woke up after a great nights sleep. All seemed right with the world. The ocean and blue skies were outside my window. The RV had a Goldilocks temperature, not too hot, not too cool. No drafts. Nothing fancy for breakfast. Cereal and fruit with a good cup of coffee in my ‘#1 Grandpa’ mug. I read the Wall Street Journal on my phone while I ate breakfast. I straightened up the RV afterwards, did the dishes, and then decided to read a book I’ve been working on for far too long “The Boys in the Boat” by D Brown (very good book). That’s when something happened. It was as if something in my life suddenly went ‘pop’. A timeless state of being existed. I‘m not sure if it was the scenery, the warmth, the sun shining, the book, the peacefulness, the lack of an immediate task or desire, or all combined. There was continuity of time, as if all those past quiet relaxing times from decades ago were suddenly congruent in one immediate state of being. It was an upper bedroom of my grandma’s house in the summer, it was a comfortable warm Saturday afternoon just relaxing, it was the end of a long semester and before summer work started, all at once.

All those times, feelings, understanding, was palpable, and it lasted beyond the realization. It was in some way, as if I cast off scales or plates and there suddenly was a new version of me. It was peace and calm. It was very pleasurable. I read for a little, enjoying the state of being, and then decided that the world was waiting for me to explore it, and I shouldn’t let the world wait.

I’m not sure what it means, or meant. I came to PEI in hopes of achieving some understanding of the past and the future; some insight into how the third half of my life might be. Maybe this is a start. Who knows? But I am ready for seeking out adventures.