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The Tamiami Trail and Big Cypress

We were tired after such a big day before, so we slept in until after 8AM.  I made a breakfast of pancakes and sausages, coffee & OJ while Louise rinsed out the stuff from the beach. The RV was a mess, so we cleaned it up, and tried to take some spots out of the rug that we had gotten early in the trip, with limited success. I had stepped in something in the Carolinas that had something in it that really attracted dirt.

I completed some comment sheets I obtained and gave then my fifty cents on Flamingo and Long Pine Key campground that involved ownership by the personnel, and how the park service via Congress is in the process of abandoning the personnel and the parks. We spoke with Kate and Scott, the campground hosts, who take care of things for free, in return for a spot to stay and electricity, and asked them to pass RK4_4003onto Gretchen, a camper we met earlier on the east coast of Florida weeks earlier, that there was camping in the keys at Long Pine Key in the primitive section and it looked really nice even if the bathrooms were fairly far removed from the primitive sites.  The world is truly a small place. Always be on your best behavior.  The conversation evolved into a really nice discourse regarding how things get done at the park, the broad ecosystem, and places to look for on the next leg of our trip. Continue reading