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North Point

I was up for the sunrise this morning. The day started out as a beautiful, warm day, clear sky and the Gulf was as calm as a mill pond. After taking in the sunrise, I went back to bed. Nothing around here opens until 9:30. After failing to discover any new fundamental insights into my great grandfather, Thomas Brennan, I decided to return to the Genealogical Center to see of they could locate an obituary on my two times great grandfather, John Brennan. I reasoned that if his son, my great great uncle, John P Brennan, installed such a magnificent monument, he may have run an obituary, just to let everyone know that it has him that installed the stone. Continue reading

Missing Relatives Monumental Tombstones, Unanswered Questions

It was a wonderful night. The section of the Jacques Cartier Provincial Park I’m camping in is the short duration, no frills section of the park. It’s evident by the condition of the foot tall plants in the fire rings that this area, with no bathroom close by, no water, no electricity and no sewer hook up is definitely the camping spot less explored. If there is one thing that this place has, it’s mosquitoes.  The mosquitoes fight each other in order to take a stab at you. I feel like the buffet at an all you can eat restaurant when the college football team is in town. Continue reading