Beautiful Charleston

In one of the earlier posts, I made the comment that lately everyplace looks like everyplace else.  Generally, I think that it’s true, but the people of Charleston seem to have enough common sense and pride in their history to reject the notion that there is a necessity in having a portion of somewhere else displayed in Charleston.

There are some new office building projects that do not embrace the style and character of old Charleston, and I think that there is an associated diminishment of the great character of the place, but the older and many of the newer houses carry the day. I hope that the rest of the country has enough sense and energy to figure out what makes them unique and embrace those characteristics.  There are too many Anytowns that are made for habitation between running off to work.  You should be able to wake up in a place and know where you are, as opposed to guessing because it’s just like anywhere else.

RK4_2491We’ve been staying at my cousin’s house for the last several days amid palm trees, live oaks and spanish moss.  It’s nothing like New Jersey, and we are really enjoying the difference. So, I’ll eat my words and try to concentrate what makes all the places we travel unique in their own way.