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St Louis to Omaha

MississippiIt was a very tiring night at Horseshoe Lake Campground.  Apparently the Illinois side of the river has become the rail center St Louis always hoped that it would be, and the trains on the nearby freight rail line wanted you to know it.  I have always lived in close proximity to trains and am accustomed to train horns, but the engineers hereabouts really like to sound that horn, to the tune of six or eight seconds, which may not sound like too long. Try making your own horn noise for eight seconds repeatedly and you’ll have a hint of what we didn’t sleep through. Continue reading

St Louis

The fields in western Indiana show signs of spring, planting and new growth, compared to the western Ohio and Eastern Indiana fields.  It was definitely spring in the east, and it’s definitely full blown summer in western Indiana.  It was warm and buggy in the evening, but when we went to bed, we opened up the RV and slept quite comfortably.  We slept so comfortably that we overslept.  There were no birds chirping, no traffic noise, no people, no airplanes overhead, no whispering trees,  no nothing.  I think that it’s one of the quietest places that we’ve ever stayed. Continue reading

Motor Speedway and Campgrounds

It was a great morning, but a little cool. During the night I turned on the heater to warm the place up a bit. Having electricity is nice.  After a quick breakfast of bananas and cereal and coffee and some organization, we were off.  The dumps station was a surprise, as all the hardware there was either broken or leaked. During the process, I discovered that the tube for the dump hose, the new one, had its end sheared off during my exit from the Pittsburgh area.  The hose can’t fall out of the sheared end, so all will be well until it’s replaced when the back is repaired. Continue reading

The Start of Great Things

We are embarking on a two month adventure, where we will revisit places where we have had great times, and stop at new places where possibilities abound. We left without still being attached to any electrical cords, or other mishaps. It was quite pleasant. No excitement, no crisis, very anticlimactic, very nice. Pennsylvania is a wide state, and gave us plenty of time to realize what we left behind.  Fortunately, this is a nation of Wal-Mart’s, Targets and hardware stores, and what was left behind was small stuff to make things more comfortable. Crossing Pennsylvania takes about six hours and things went well until we discovered our route went through a tunnel that prohibited compressed flammable gasses.  We were outlawed because of our propane tank. We reached our destination, family just outside Pittsburgh, about a half hour late. Continue reading