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It Always Starts at the Beginning

I’ve been looking for an RV for several years.  I haven’t been really serious about it.  There was always a job, lack of funds, family, excuses, etc.  I was laid off from a job I really liked in June of 2012, and I really wanted to find something similar.  I discovered/knew that the technical job prospects for a 60 year old white male in a field for young talented college graduates was slim.  I toyed with teaching only to find that the field had dramatically changed in the last ten years.  It was suddenly all about the test and not so much about teaching about a subject, getting kids enthused about learning, and teaching young people about organization. After my first day of substituting,  I was called to the principals office for hands on teaching rather than filling out worksheets like little CPA wannabes.  He never even asked my side of the story.  Not the place for a life long learner and reader. Continue reading